Investing money needs careful consideration and you need to be absolutely sure of the risks involved. This section provides generic information on different types of saving & investment. You should seek advice appropriate to your specific circumstances prior to making any decisions.

There are many different asset-backed investments open to the individual investor. Each type has own specific risks, benefits and taxation treatment.
This at-a-glance guide is intended to give you a quick snapshot of a range of different investment vehicles available.
A platform brings together your investments and pensions online, allowing you to view them in one place – a bit like online banking.
Under the so-called 'New ISA' (or NISA), Cash ISAs and Stocks and Shares ISAs have effectively been merged, with the overall combined limit increased to £20,000 from 2017/18.
There are various deposit-based investment vehicles available in the marketplace. Many customers will have money on deposit either with a bank or building society.
Stock Markets
London Stock Exchange
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
FTSE 1007,490.5742.45 0.57 Fri 16:15
FTSE 25020,048.6042.34 0.21 Fri 16:15
FTSE 3504,162.1821.06 0.51 Fri 16:15
FTSE All Share4,108.9620.38 0.50 Fri 16:15
New York
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
Dow Jones24,651.70143.08 0.58 Fri 21:00
Nasdaq6,936.5880.06 1.17 Fri 21:00
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